There’s a swift construction of buildings and other establishments in this age and time; there is barely any land or property left for any new construction! Besides the idea of converting green agricultural fields into concrete jungles, there’s no way you can find land for constructing something new. Renovation is also a way to make old things look new, isn’t it? Adapting the old and abandoned facilities for new uses is indeed a good practice, yet not everyone pursues it! Most people end up looking for residential demolition contractors to build new ones. Not bad though! Provided it’s accomplished perfectly. So here we at New Orleans Handyman will talk more about it; grab your coffee and sit back; here we begin!

What is demolition?

Demolition is the pulling down of buildings and other artificially-made facilities. Demolition basically deviates from deconstruction, which is more about separating a building or its parts while carefully keeping functional and valuable elements for reusability. There are generally two types of demolitions: partial and complete. Partial one refers to tearing down some parts of the building while also preserving the foundations to make space for revamping. At the same time, complete demolition is tearing down the structure or building entirely.


The demolition process!

Several mandated tasks stand before actually performing the demolition work. Removing hazardous or regulated materials, getting all necessary permits, presenting required notices, disconnecting utilities, rodent baiting, and developing site-specific safety and work plans are essential measures before demolition. Our handyman team carries out these much-needed steps in order to do the job right! Let’s just go through the five basic demolition steps we follow:


Obtaining permits for demolition

Before actually moving with demolition, getting the required permits is essential! From site inspection to paperwork, this covers everything that comes under the pre-demolition process. You can leave this hassle to residential or commercial demolition contractors; they are well aware of these procedures!


Clearing out the building and facilities

Some properties exist bare-bones, stripped down and completely empty, but some are residential buildings, which could be homes or corporate parks, still furnished with furniture and interiors. The evacuation and removal of such belongings become necessary as those things can be reused and sold. Our professionals get a sense of what valuable items are left behind by you and make sure to take them out before demolition.


Considering all safety precautions

Demolition safety plans begin with a comprehensive site survey; our team evaluates the structure’s composition and looks for dangerous building materials, like lead, asbestos and other hazardous materials. Furthermore, the team will lead with a detailed plan that concerns more about protection and the safety of workers and the public.


Here begins the actual demolition

Your residential or commercial demolition contractors begin the process once the building is cleared and the safety procedures are followed. The workers will use the tools and the methods based on the size and composition of the building. Moreover, the demolition crew will come with hand-held tools for interior demolitions, heavy equipment and construction machinery, and controlled blasts are only used when there’s a need to bring down an entire building.


Removing the debris safely

New Orleans Handyman considers reusing and repurposing as a responsibility to help mother earth! Once the demolition ends, our team will initiate the removal or repurposing of the debris. The workers will make sure the debris is removed and appropriately placed.


The Bottom Line

Let’s be frank here; we need to demolish those good-for-nothing buildings to make more productive and hot properties. Whatever your demolishing needs, we at New Orleans Handyman have a team of experts and tools to offer trustworthy and secure demolition services. Whether you need residential or commercial demolition contractors, we do both and know to handle the demolition professionally, quickly and effectively.