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Frequently Asked Questions
You will find answers to all of your most common Handyman related questions located here.
What Kind of Work Can a Handyman Do?
We perform handyman work for residential and commercial locations. The nature of the work we do ranges from small to large projects. The handyman services we performed are mentioned on this page https://www.nohandyman.com/our-services/.
Does a Handyman Need Insurance?
Yes, general liability insurance is necessary.
Why should I choose New Orleans Handyman, LLC.?
If you are wanting a professional team to tackle your tasks we are the one. We will provide a fair price based on a timely schedule to complete the project. Choose us to help with any of your residential or business projects.
Does my Home Improvements Require Permits?
No. If the project consists of handyman-related tasks a permit is not required. Please consult your parish to determine if a permit is required or not.
Can a Handyman Do Plumbing Work?
Yes, a handyman can do basic plumbing services.
How Much Does a Handyman Charge?
We perform hourly and estimate-based jobs. The nature of the work determines the cost involved. Contact us to get a free estimate today.
How long will a project take to complete?
The length of time it will take to complete a project varies based on the scope of work and its complexity. Fill out a job request form and Nohandyman can provide a time estimate for your project.
How Do You Know If a Handyman Is Qualified to Do the Job?
If we are not qualified, we will not take on the project. Typically larger jobs that require a contractor are not performed by handymen.
What Are Some of the Most Common Handyman Services?
Furniture installs, ceiling fan installs, drywall repairs, carpentry, plumbing, trash removal/haul, yard cleanup, hanging pictures/blinds, office maintenance, and much more. See the services we perform here: Handyman services (https://www.nohandyman.com/our-services/)
How Can I Find a Reputable Handyman?
Give us a try today. We will work hard to do the tasks you need to be done.
What Are the Average Hourly Rates for Handyman Services?
$90-$130 It depends on the nature of the work and the total number of techs.
How Do I Know If I Need a Handyman or a Contractor for a Home Improvement Project?
It is best to have an estimate performed to determine if the scope of work is either too large for a handyman or that the job may require a work permit to be set up due to the nature of the work. Contact us today to set up an estimate on your project.
Should I do the project myself or hire a professional handyman?
The decision to take on a project yourself or hire a professional depends on several factors, including the complexity, time, your experience and skill level, and your overall budget. If the project requires special skills, it is best to hire a professional to ensure the job is done safely and correctly and avoid costly repairs later. If you are not sure, it is always a good idea to consult with a professional.
How much will a handyman cost?
The cost of hiring a handyman professional depends on the scope of the project, materials needed, tools need and over all skill level. Nohandyman.com makes it easy to do a quick estimate to determine your cost involved. Fill out the request a quote form to get started.
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