Student apartments can get messy, but we got you covered!



With more and more students being accepted every year in colleges and universities, the need for accommodation has grown. Well, it’s good that you own one property! But it seems, you are now worried about college rental property cleanup. Finding it challenging to declutter things by yourself? You got New Orleans Handyman to tell! And if you have rented a property for college students, what else can you expect? 

Property Setup and Cleanup

New Orleans Handyman will handle it!

We know all about college rental property setup and cleanup!


Pans and pots all caked with ketchup, mac, and cheese are piled in the kitchen sink. Mismatched shoes, car tools, muddy shoes, what to do! We can hear your scream, “This house is a mess.” But leave it on us; our experts know how things can get back to place. 


They do college rental property cleanup and set up systematically and of course in an organized manner. Moreover, if you are a student and responsible for keeping the property clean, we can help you. 


We provide an easy, and affordable way, especially for students to live in a clean environment and focus on their studies.


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