We provide professional landscaping services at “New Orleans Handyman”


Just like you care for your home, your garden needs a touch of care, what say? Your garden needs professional landscaping services if you want to stay close to nature. We at New Orleans Handyman hire experienced workers and have strong knowledge about pest management and essential lawn maintenance. We are experts in PHC (Plant health care) too!

Landscaping Professional

Here are the key responsibilities our team skilled in:

  • General maintenance like cleaning walkways, fixing fountains, and applying plasters
  • Groundskeeping, repairs, and maintenance
  • Utilizing pesticides and weedicides to get rid of  pests and weeds 
  • Efficiently provide manure and fertilizer to enhance the growth of plants and lawn grass. 
  • Mowing, riding lawn mower, and  trim flower beds, the edges around walkways, and walls
  • Ensures a pleasant appearance of the garden and ground
  • Eliminate weeds and dead plants

Believe us, we’ll be gentle with your dream garden, just the way you are! 

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