Yes, You Read It Right; New Orleans Handyman Has Tree Trimming Services Too!

You have been looking at this giant tree in your yard but clueless how to trim it or make it look decent? Well, for that, you need a Handyman! We at New Orleans Handyman train our people for yard and garden maintenance which involves maintaining tree’s. Our team analyses and finds how and when is the right time for tree trimming.

Tree arborist service for removal and trimming

Trimming & cutting: Our Tree Removal Service Features Many More!

All at New Orleans Handyman are well-trained for being an arborist. We are all aware of dendrology issues, like wiring, weather conditions, autumn, etc. We train our handypersons regarding dendrology and all about trees, making them comfortable with all tools and techniques in tree trimming. 

Not just this, in our tree removal service, we make sure:

  • Maintain and repair trees (apply appropriate treatments)  if needed!
  • If there’s any cable or electric wire that comes in contact with the tree, to avoid danger. 
  • They are also skilled in watering, pruning, removing dead, diseased, or declining trees and woody plants.
  • Assist in various maintenance activities (backfilling, pruning, watering, staking, and mulching).

Whenever you need a tree removal service, you can count on us!

Feel free to call or text about our tree trimming services; we are just a call away from you – 504-358-0399. Submit a job request today!