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12 Mar, 2024
Posted by fahad
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Don’t Get Frustrated With Furniture Assembly

Assembling furniture always seems like a good idea until you get started. Not having enough time or space to complete the assembly. Missing parts?? Thinking you know what the next step is and realizing you are wrong. Putting a part on backwards or forbid you strip a screw. The worst is not having enough hands to complete a step and damaging the “heavy duty” particle board or your floor/walls.

Even if you do get it together the chances that it’s assembled correctly are a gamble. Which could mean a number of things, more than normal wear and tear, gaps, visually lopsided or even possible injury.

But you have more options when choosing to purchase DIY furniture. And it’s more cost effective.

Solution: Hire a handyman. It’s worth every penny.

Our aim is to be your go-to handyman service. We offer virtual estimates for your convenience, simplifying the process of scheduling appointments.

Take the first step by submitting your project online or give our office a call today at 504-358-0399 to discuss your needs.


Get started with submitting your project or call our office today @ 504-358-0399 to discuss your projects.



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