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30 Nov, 2022
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A Step-by-step Guide to Cleaning Your Backyard

Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to get to work cleaning up your lawn and backyard. Although the snow and ice have gone, the effects of winter weather remain in your yards, and it is now time for a backyard cleaning service. Many essential tasks must be completed throughout your yard cleanup. Are you unsure where to begin? Follow this step-by-step strategy to clean up your backyard.

Check your Tools and Equipment:

Before beginning the actual job, ensure that all of the landscaping tools in your backyard are in fantastic shape. If they are not in excellent condition, please care to adjust them before usage. The equipment includes a lawnmower, a garden hose, and a leaf blower.

Create a Landscape Plan in Advance:

If you intend to adjust the landscape pattern and structure and organize your lawn correctly. Include all of the trees, shrubs, and other plants you want to see in your backyard.

Removal of Debris and Weeds:

First, remove the plants that did not survive the cold temperature to make room for the new plants and shrubs. Removing the dead plants loosens the soil and makes room for further growth. Dumping services may be used to dispose of branches and twigs in your backyard. When eliminating rubbish, make it a point also to eradicate weeds. It is impossible to eliminate all the weeds by yourself; seek the assistance of family members or a yard clean up and removal service.

Planting the Garden:

Tilling the garden soil is best done in the spring. Before you put the new plants on your lawn, you might till the plot.

Cut the Perennials, Trim the Branches, and Rake the Leaves:

If you have perennials on your lawn, it’s time to relocate them to various backyard areas. Divide the perennials and place them in your other gardens. Low branches might endanger youngsters who are playing on the lawn. You may cut them yourself or hire a professional. Make a point of removing leaves after pruning. The leaves may be composted and used to feed your plants.

Wash the Decks in Your Backyard:

If you have decks on your lawn, clean them with a power washer to avoid mildew. Staining your decks regularly gives further protection.

Fertilize the Lawn:

It is preferable to fertilize your lawn before the winter season begins. Use natural compost on your grass; natural or organic fertilizer may be made in your home or backyard. Give your grass and plants a boost of nutrients so that the roots develop correctly and you have a healthy yard.

Mow your lawn:

Cut it a little shorter than usual to ensure the grass gets adequate oxygen for the coming days.

Begin Planting:

Once your grass has been cleared of waste and fertilizer has been completed, begin planting new trees, shrubs, and other seasonal plants to make your backyard seem much more lovely after yard clean up and removal.

Compost from Yard Waste:

Fall is the most incredible season to prepare lawn fertilizer. The fallen old flowers, garden veggies picked up, grass clippings, and freshly fallen leaves. As you clean up your yard for the winter, you’ll create a nutritious soil amendment for spring planting. Composting components may only be obtained from your garden.

Outdoor Furniture Protection:

Snow, rain, and freezing weather wreak havoc on your garden and furnishings. During the cold and wet seasons, outdoor furniture is in jeopardy. The easiest method to keep them sturdy throughout numerous summer seasons is to protect them with outdoor furniture covers thoroughly.

Winterize your Lawn Fountains:

Turn off any fountains, sprinklers, or faucets in your yard. Drain any remaining water from the hoses before storing them. Water freezes and expands in the winter. If there is water in the hoses and pipelines, freezing destroys them. Fish in the fountain ponds should be removed and relocated till spring.

Clean and store the used equipment:

Before you shut everything down, clean the store plants and containers. Run the lawnmower’s gas out before storing it, clean greasy equipment, and wash down furniture and toys to prevent mold and mildew.


Backyard cleanup appears to be easy work, but if you have a tiny lawn, you may need to enlist your family members. Furthermore, it will be more unpleasant if the backyard is extensive or you don’t have enough time to do the work. However, employing the high-end instruments of a backyard cleaning service makes your task easier and faster. New Orleans Handyman can help you get the best services.

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